Month to Month



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Our most popular plan, this pay-as-you-go delivery service takes the thinking out of it, while offering flexibility and great savings!

Simplify with our month-to-month plan and enjoy the benefits of having a bottle of Waiākea on hand when you need it. Increase or decrease case quantities, pause, resume, or cancel at any time. Full flexibility at 10% off.

Frequency: If you'd like to receive Waiakea every 7, 14, or 21 days during your month to month subscription, change the frequency above! Otherwise it ships every month.

Choose Between Our

Waiākea Nui (1L): The elegant Waiākea Nui 1L bottles provide a healthy dose of hydration! 12 bottles per case.

Waiākea Iki (500mL): Our smaller Waiākea Iki 500 mL bottles offer value with convenience! 24 bottles per case.

Take comfort in the fact that Waiākea is sustainably sourced and packaged, making it the first certified CarbonNeutral bottled water and beverage, while contributing to high impact social programs for every bottle you buy.

Any other promotional offer in addition to our month to month 10% discount is valid for the first month of the subscription only.