Ka'u Mana Dark Roast Hawaiian Coffee
Ka'u Mana Dark Roast Hawaiian Coffee

Ka'u Mana Dark Roast Hawaiian Coffee


This espresso-style dark roast is deep, layered, rich, and clean. While perfect with dairy, it is refreshingly crisp served black after a meal.
Aroma:  Almond, cherry, and smokey smooth.
Flavor:  Dark chocolate, dry, crisp walnut and spice.
Palate:  Full and almost chewy.


Size: 8oz


Type: Whole Bean


Why Ka‘u Mana?

Mana, in Hawaiian, is the spiritual energy of power and strength. Ka‘u Mana is just that, an embodiment of the land our coffee grows on… Here on the slopes of Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, the combination of the deep, rich volcanic soil of Wood Valley, the warm morning sunshine and heavenly afternoon rain showers, creates an environment conducive for producing some of the finest coffee in the world.


Bruce Omori has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with coffee since he was a teen, consuming the chest hair-spawning brew his parents would make every morning, to keep him alert during classes.  Pots of coffee would follow as his career in engineering involved regular all-nighters at the office to meet deadlines.  Now as a professional photographer, driven by the pursuit of capturing that elusive perfect image, long hours in the field are the norm and coffee is his constant companion.  Of course, it involved years of searching for the best, and Ka‘u was the hands-down winner!  And as an ardent coffee aficionado, nothing brings him more pleasure than being able to put his own label onto a truly world class coffee!

​Grown in the Ka'u district on island of Hawaii, award winning Ka‘u Mana Coffee brings the taste of the tropics to your cup. A divine experience for your discerning palate!


NOTE FOR ALL ORDERS:  All orders are roasted when orders are received to provide the freshest possible product. Furthermore, all roasts are whole bean only to ensure the longest possible shelf life for you!  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for all orders.  Mahalo!